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Tools used in Invercargill for blocked drains

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Your local drain cleaning specialist

Having a blocked drain can cause a whole raft of nasty problems. From lingering odours to becoming very messy, very fast, blocked drains and sewers need to be cleared as soon as possible.

Alan Cathcart is a dedicated drainer who can clean a blocked drain, pipe, sink, shower, and much more. If liquid runs through it, he can unblock it. Based in Invercargill but also available in surrounding areas, he comes to you and ensures that your drains are running smoothly.

Alan uses electronic drain detection and can therefore trace the layout of the drain digitally. This saves you the hassle of digging up to find the lay of the drain, thereby saving time and money!

With over 17 years of experience, he'll assist with all your blocked drain requirements and more, Call Alan Cathcart on 0274 534 171 today.

Contact info

Alan Cathcart
321 Taylor Road
Invercargill 0110
0274 534 171
03 230 4197

Quality range of services

Located in Invercargill, Alan specialises in investigating and unblocking drains, and can assist with:

  • Toilets
  • Drain Camera Inspections
  • Water blasting
  • Drain clearing
  • Effluent systems
  • Sewage and effluent
  • House & farm drains
  • Drain and cable location
  • Cost effective fault finding
  • Blocked drains and basins
  • Water blasting drain clearing unit
  • Offers 2 tonne digger/excavator & 4WD truck
No job too large or too small!

About Alan

Alan understands the importance of time, so he arrives on promptly, and takes care of all mess and fuss. One phone call and all your drainage issues will be resolved! For more information, contact him in Invercargill today.

Alan Cathcart is your blocked drains specialist. Whether you require domestic, commercial, or industrial drainage services, he can help by taking care of:

Drain cleaning
Drain inspection 
Ongoing maintenance
For extremely prompt service call Alan on 0274 534 171 today for assistance and expert advice on all his drainage services.
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